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At Magical Bridge Trust we have one goal, bring magic to everyone in Hamilton and our wider community.

All abilities, all ages, all welcome.

We understand how important play is for young and old, having seen the impact it can have on both physical and mental wellbeing. For many families, finding an amazing playground in Hamilton is easy but there is also a significant group of people who are currently unable to enjoy these facilities in the same way. 

That’s why at Magical Bridge Trust, we are committed to bringing a fully inclusive playground to Hamilton which will remove barriers for all individuals and families with physical and neurological disabilities. We want to create an accessible play space for the whole community - one that children and adults of all ages, abilities and sizes can enjoy. 

Why a magical bridge playground

This will be the first Magical Bridge Playground in New Zealand, positioning Hamilton as forward-thinking leaders in this space.

Magical Bridge Playground is an international concept owned by the Magical Bridge Foundation – it has been designed through research and is proven internationally to be successful and innovative.

1.1 million of us, or nearly one in every four New Zealanders, has a disability. Closer to home in the Waikato, more than 120,000 people live with some type of disability. And, within a 1.5 hour’s drive of Hamilton, another 600,000 individuals have some type of disability, whether visible or not. Although Hamilton has many wonderful playgrounds, only a very small percentage have some form of accessible or inclusive activities. Hamilton City Council is taking a bold new step in partnering with the Magical Bridge Trust to deliver Hamiltons first fully inclusive playground.


  • Designing inclusivity
  • Human-centered design practices
  • Structured play zones

What is the goal

We need help from the community, key leaders and corporate organisations to help us make the Magical Bridge Playground a reality in Hamilton. This support can be provided by offering additional funding and helping us raise awareness about our mission.

Help us bring the magic to everyone in Hamilton and our wider community. 

“Having this world-class playground near the centre of Hamilton Kirikiriroa will not only encourage play in those who feel they can’t use our traditional playgrounds, it revolutionises the bounds of play and how we could be more inclusive with our future designs." - Ex Hamilton City Council Community Committee Chair Councillor Mark Bunting

How you can help

At Magical Bridge Trust, we’re on a mission to create an accessible, fully inclusive play space that the whole community can enjoy in Hamilton. $5 million is needed to make this a reality – help us bring the Magical Bridge Playground to our community.

Donate today to show your support.

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